Mediumship Development Classes

1: Beginners Class
will recommence
Monday, September 4th. at 7 PM
2: Intermediate Class
will recommence
Tuesday, September 5th. at 7 PM
3: Advanced Class
Wednesday, September 6th. at 7 PM
A class book
'Psychic Powers & Rising Above Them'
written by Rev. Joe Brown
is encouraged and required
for the Beginners & Intermediate Classes.
Cost is $25.00
All classes are in this book
and owning it gives you the opportunity
to educate yourself 
as to what each class is about
prior to attending.
Please note that
Our Mediumship Development Classes
are not open to the general public.
If you have an interest in taking our classes,
please contact me through the following options
1. Email in 'Contact Me' page
 2. D.L.C.'s Sunday Divine Service
3. Thursday Night Development Circle,
which is open to the general public.


 Weddings, Funeral Services and Workshops,
among other things, are available through Rev. Joe and his Ministers.

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